Create The Day!

2012 – The Year of the Dragon! Let’s be really creative.

Jan. 23, 2012 is the Lunar New Year, so it’s another chance to begin again! I love new beginnings, starting new projects, or creating something new. Since we are still in the early days of the Solar New Year and I made a resolution to write more, I thought this would be a good time to start something new.

I want to begin this year with a 21 week series called “Create The Day!”

We create each day in our life through our thoughts, feelings and actions. What are you creating today or this week? Whatever it is I hope you love it and share it for others to enjoy.

Please feel free to join me anytime by sharing how you “Create The Day!”. 

  1. Every Tuesday or Wednesday starting 1/24/2012 (for 21 weeks) I will write a new post on the current week’s “Create The Day” theme.

  2. Please feel free to comment on my posts and if you want you can leave a link in the comments to your own posts about a similar subject.

(If you share a post it can be anything; photos, stories, poetry, crafts, music, art, or just your regular post, as long as it’s family friendly). 

1/24/12 – Create The Day With Joy!

1/30/12 – Create The Day With Gratitude 

2/7/12 – Create The day With Kindness

2/14/12 – Create The Day With Love

2/21/12 – Create The Day With Compassion

2/28/12 – Create The Day With Passion

3/6/12 – Create The Day With Organization

3/13/12 – Create The Day With Thoughts

3/20/12 – Create The Day With A Surprise

3/27/12 – Create The Day With Persistence

4/10/12 – Create The day With Hope

417/12 – Create The Day With Plan B, C, D, or G

4/24/12 – Create The day With A Smile

5/2/12 – Create The Day By Letting Go

5/9/12 – Create The Day For Mom

5/15/12 – Create The Day By Sharing

5/22/12 – Create The Day With Your Imagination

5/29/12 – Create The Day With A Little Help

6/6/12 – Create The Day With A Break

6/13/12 – Create The Day With Friendship

6/20/12 – Create The Day With More Movement

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