Create the Day – With a Surprise

Writing, phone calls, writing, cleaning, writing, cooking, writing, organizing, writing, reading, writing….”I NEED A BREAK!”

Surprise – A Birthday card in the mail with a little money in it. “Oooohh…what shall I do with it?” Buy pizza out for dinner, that’s a break from cooking for me.

Writing, phone calls, writing, eating, writing, children whispering, writing, children acting sneaky, writing…”What are they up to?” I think.

Surprise – They’re planning my birthday, what a treat!

Writing, researching, writing, checking schedules, writing, phone calls & forms to fill out, writing… “Oh, my head hurts.”

Surprise – The kid’s went out and got a movie that we could all watch together.

Most of the time surprises are lovely, and a needed change from the daily grind. Unfortunately I had another surprise tonight when my brother called to tell me my mom had a fall and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately it’s not too serious and she’s not too far away, so I’ll be able to go check on her tomorrow.  It will be a surprise for her to see my two older kids, whom she hasn’t seen for a while due to work and college.

The Biggest Surprise – After we drove home from visiting my mom on Wednesday, my daughter cooked a lovely birthday dinner & cake for me. Then my kids gave me the best present ever – A Wii with Wii Fit! I don’t play video games, but I do want to get back in shape and this seems like a fun way to do it!

Surprise is such a lovely and necessary part of life, to change the pace, keep things fresh, and sometimes even to awaken us to an uncomfortable reality. Either way, I’m grateful for surprises as they are part of creating the day.

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