Hello world!

When I was a young child I was sick a lot so my mother kept finding craft projects for me to do while I was at home. I also learned to sew and design clothes. My mother was always making things, from the knitted Afghans on our couch to the carpet cut & glued from samples on our family room floor, to the stuffed animals on my bed and the scrap books in the closet, she made everything. Her nick name by my dad was “picky fingers”, because her fingers always had to be busy.

Although I’ve always enjoyed making things, I pursued a lot of other goals in life that left me with little time or money. I don’t regret that because I loved what I was doing, working to create a better world, and raising my kids. What I learned along the way is that all of life is creative and we are all co-creators. I enjoy appreciating and sharing the ways we all make effort to create a beautiful life.

Everyone wants the world to be a better place, full of peace, love and happiness; but how much influence over these things do you or I really have? We can each make a difference through our attitude, relationships & activities every day. Join us on our creation journey.

If you’ve seen this movie post a comment about it. Watch the trailer:

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