Creating My Life Everyday

Israel 2 friendsI believe in the transformative power of creativity. I like the process of sharing thoughts & experiences because we learn so much from each other. I also like to work together with like-minded people to promote what is good, valuable and beneficial. That’s basically why I started this blog, to express and promote the beauty and goodness of life.

All photography, artwork and writing on this blog are copyright protected so please don’t repost or copy without written consent from the artist/author.

I’m currently (2020-21) semi-retired, widowed and living in Australia. Previously I worked as a web content editor, blogger and social media consultant for a few websites. Regardless of what kind of work one does, life requires creativity (especially when raising a family). Life is a creative process, and we are the co-creators, writers and illustrators of our own story.

Blogging has also been my therapy

As I transition through stages of life that I did not prepare for; a chronic illness, loss, grief, aging, the empty nest, etc., staying creative helps me feel productive and appreciate life. Photography and writing have been my primary creative outlets for a long time. I seem to endlessly be RE-creating my own life too. Creativity keeps things fresh, alive & moving forward.

me at beachI’ve been struggling with an autoimmune disease since 2003, and it can be unpredictable and painful. It has limited the type of work I can do so I’ve had to keep reinventing my income sources out of necessity. At the same time, I continually strive to improve my health on all fronts – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A Long Story Short

I’ve traveled a lot throughout my life, 22 countries and 3/4’s of the USA. I grew up in Florida and my 3 children were born in Florida. My husband was from Australia, but we met in NYC. We moved to New Hampshire in 1996 to raise our family near my parents. It was our dream to eventually move back to my husband’s hometown on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. We eventually did, but in the process he passed away. That’s a longer story. It’s not easy being an international family.

The world is a beautiful place

I believe in appreciating life and taking good care of it. I love the art, traditions, celebrations and clothing of different cultures. People have so much beauty and goodness to share with each other. That’s why I hate war & crime & anything that hurts people’s hearts. I strive to be a peacemaker and a catalyst for renewed hope in the goodness of life.


21 thoughts on “About

    • Interesting that you made this comment now, because I have recently been wondering if I should redesign my blog. I made this about a year and a half ago so I was thinking it might be out of date already.


  1. Awesome mission statement — if everyone made a commitment to creating life each day, instead of just letting it happen, the world would be a much better place.

    This year I’ve been on a quest to discover and comment on a positive blog each day, while keeping a list on my own site for reference. I do believe this has helped a lot with creating my little piece of the world! I’ve added your blog as today’s entry. 🙂


  2. Hello there, I’d like to link to your post about Escher, but can’t seem to find it now (I may not be looking in the right place, and can’t find a search button. Let me know, and I’ll link accordingly. Thank you, and thanks for sharing your creativity 🙂


  3. Awkward! I thought I already did follow your blog. I know I have done it! But now I’m here again! Thank you for visiting me so that I could come back to you!

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