Good Vibes

You are beautiful because you are alive

You are unique, powerful and creative! 

Everything comes from an invisible creative force. I believe that invisible force is love. What do you believe?

Vibration = Energy = Existence, Action & Development

Is what we believe important? Consider this: What you or I believe deep in our subconscious will determine the types of choices we will make in life, and where those choices will lead us. The subconscious mind together with the conscious mind, and our physical impulses, are constantly having a dialogue and creating a whole framework of beliefs through which we interpret life. Based on the conclusions of our thoughts and feelings we make plans & take action. You create your life.

Is it a beautiful life? I hope so. When I look at the incredibly complex, unique, unending and abundant beauty of the natural world I know it is an expression of a vast mystical & eternal love. Nature is constantly sending good vibes to us, we just need to look around and appreciate it. As they say (whomever they are), take time to smell the roses (or whatever flower you want).

Whenever I’ve felt a little down or have had troubles on my mind I find a plant or tree to gaze at, lie down in the grass and watch the clouds, take a drive in the country, or visit a beach or botanical garden. There is an amazing world of good vibrations and inspiration out there.

I photograph and write to share the journey of life from my unique perspective, and to add to those good vibrations in whatever small way I can. Peace and love to you, I hope you enjoy what you read and see here.



Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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