Create The Day

With Gratitude

I hope you will join me in sharing inspirations about Gratitude” this week. I am grateful to be born in this century when life is so much easier than in the past. Although we may still struggle with many things, I’m grateful that I live in relative comfort. I’m grateful that my house has running water and electricity, and that I don’t have to use an outhouse every time I have to go to the bathroom!

I’m grateful for everything: my parents, my life, my family, my country, my spiritual mentors and guides, my friends, the beauty of nature, and that I can keep doing things – anything to to improve life for myself and others.

It is possible to be grateful and sad at the same time though. Being grateful does not mean you don’t have any problems, it doesn’t mean that you always feel great or inspired. It just means you choose to focus on all the good, all the love, all the beauty and wonder that is in the world because whatever you focus your attention on most of the time is what you will create in your life.

Share anything you would like that makes you feel grateful.

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