Create The Day With Your Imagination

A bored person

A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quite frankly you know, sometimes I just get bored, dreadfully bored doing mundane day to day tasks that never change. I get bored living in the same place, driving down the same streets and shopping at the same stores. I get bored at work and even surfing the internet. Is boredom an inevitable part of aging?

When my kids were little I would not put up with cries of boredom. I would tell them, “If you’re bored it’s just because you’re not using your imagination.” I would also say, “You’ve got a brain so use it, make stuff up and play.” In a happy childhood part of every day is created through imaginative play. It’s our imagination about what we might be when we grow up, where we might go and adventures we might have that motivate us to learn and be open to new experiences. We explore all kinds of possibilities, and impossibilities, through imagination.

Somehow along the way to becoming an adult someone says, “get real, stop daydreaming.” Little by little we learn to fit in to the mundane processes of life, doing our part whatever that might be. At first it might be interesting and stimulating as long as we’re learning new things or meeting new people, but eventually if we have stopped imagining the possibilities, life will get boring.


Imagination! (Photo credit: Stephh922)

So I guess it’s time to take my own advise to use my imagination, make stuff up and play. Every man made thing that exists came from someone’s imagination, combined with willpower and skill to bring the idea into reality. Every novel I’ve read and movie I’ve seen came from someone’s imagination. Without dreams and ideas, probing into possibilities, we simply become stagnant. I like to keep moving, stay open, be creative, and imagine what else is possible.

I am asking myself, “how can I make this day different, new and exciting; where will my imagination take me today, or what can I create with my infinite mind?”


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