Photo Challenge – Summer

Always the beach – Summer = Beach, waves, water, sun…

And Mom’s garden, always lovely and peaceful,

And people having a good time, a celebration, a weekend, a vacation…

and the poppies in Wolfeboro, our summer retreat…

Family trips to the zoo…

flowers everywhere…

and the beach, again, always, Summer = Beach

5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Summer

  1. Even in living in Los Angeles as I do now, the “summer=beach” equation lives strong in my heart! Sometimes I’m startled to look outside in December, realize it’s sunny out . . . and that I could stroll down to the beach. Just like that. That might be so, but I’m still a non-coastal Oregonian who savored her summer coast trips at heart!


    • And I’m from Florida where you would think we would hide in our air conditioned homes in Summer, but not so, if we were out of school we were at the beach.


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