Create The Day – With Persistence

I was going to title this Create the Day With Endurance, but I decided that persistence was a better word because it involves the qualities of being determined and enduring. I believe one of humanity’s greatest qualities is the ability to persist in the face of incredible odds toward a goal, or an ideal. How fortunate we are to have been created with this characteristic, because without this we would not survive.

I have faced many difficulties in my life and learned that life is not easy. Oh how I would like it to be easy! I would like nothing better that to lounge on the beach, swim and play, day after day. I wonder if I would ever get bored, but something tells me that if I were able to continuously explore the beauty of nature then I wouldn’t get bored. Ha, there is the catch though, that makes life difficult. To continuously do anything takes persistence.

Difficulty is a natural part of existence otherwise known as challenge. If we did not have events and experiences that challenge us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we would surely get bored and certainly become lazy. We can not reach our full potential as human beings without challenging ourselves, and overcoming or winning a challenge takes persistence.

While difficulties and challenges are good for us, this does not excuse human beings for making life too difficult or harmful to others. Life has enough built in challenges, and our minds are capable of creating positive and productive challenges that we can work on every day, to improve or advance ourselves and the world. When our ambitions and desires cause others to suffer needlessly, we have to reevaluate our goals.

I believe the world is facing such a time when we have to reevaluate our goals in life, and choose to persist in the positive challenge of creating a better life for all people. We each have a part we can play in our families, our communities, our countries and the world, that will promote the well being of everyone. Life is not simple, it is not easy to be unselfish and truly love others, but this is a challenge we must persist in.

Yes, the world has always been full of problems and human suffering. People have persisted in the struggle to survive and thrive for a long, long time. People have even persisted through unthinkable and tragity, suffering and loss. To honor those whose lives have needlessly been crushed by the darkness in others, I persist in spreading light and love wherever I can, whenever I can. I harden my will and gain strength to persist in this challenge called life because of those who have suffered more than I.

Maybe I can not do a lot to change the world, but I can persist in love, in faith, in hope, in unselfish actions, and in helping others to do the same.

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