Kind Neighbors

I have 2 neighbors that will go out of their way to be kind. The old fashioned type of kind that we sometimes miss in this busy, hectic world.

One neighbor will give me vegetables from her garden in the summer. If she has extra food or anything she will share it, and she’ll always make time to chat. She’s invited me to come warm my toes by her wood stove in winter, just because it’s a cozy way to relax. She’s not just kind to me, she’s kind to all the other neighbors too.

This lady has not had an easy life. She was an orphan, her daughter had a difficult disease and one of her granddaughters has a disability. They are not rich materially, but they are rich in heart and kindness.

Another neighbor across the street suffers from debilitating arthritis, but whenever she cooks a lot she sends her son over with a plate full of food to share. She is a refugee from Africa, and her husband left her with 5 kids after they arrived. No matter, she is always kind and welcoming to me, and wants to share what she can.

These lovely ladies make me cry, they are better than me. My world is so much better because of them. I love them and want to return the kindness.

My daughter is also very kind. She always makes gifts for people for birthdays and Christmas and whatever excuse she has to make something. She loves to throw surprise parties for her friends, and she’s always available to help a friend.

Kindness is catching, and it grows too. The more you do it, the more you want to do it, and the more other people will want to do it too. There are so many simple and small ways to be kind, so it’s really not hard to start. Just do a one or two random acts of kindness every day and see what happens. It may change your world, or someone else’s.

Kindness Revolution Day 7 – Advise From An African Medicine Woman

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