Weekly Photo Challenge – Friendship

My long time friend who fits into almost every category of friendship I’ve mentioned below.

Create The Day With Friendship

Such a wide topic for a single photograph, there are so many types of friends and all have value one way or another. I decided to combine the weekly photo challenge with my weekly Create The Day post, because what better way to create the day is there than with a friendship. What does friendship mean to you?

There are childhood friendships, lifelong friendships, shallow friendships, friends based on interests and activities and those based on a deeper understanding of each other. There are friends for a moment and forever friends, groups of friends and individual friends, work friends, school friends, family friends, and neighbors, and internet friends. Every type of friend has value, even those “sunshine friends” your mother used to warn you about.

To have friends you have to first be a friend. My idea of a friend is someone who is kind, caring, and interested in you or something you both are part of. A friend is someone you share with. To be a friend you have to care about others and be able to share what you value with them.

Some people have thousands of friends and some have only a few. Some people need to be around friends often and for long periods of time, others need less time with friends. Our best friendships are usually with people who have similar or compatible needs in relationship, therefor the relationship is mutually beneficial. You want to spend time together – for some it may be doing activities and for others it may be sharing thoughts and feelings – either way, it’s agreeable to both of you.

I’m grateful for all the types of friends I’ve had in my life because they’ve enriched my life in some way. I hope to continue to make more friends by being a friend, by caring about others, by investing myself in a sharing relationship. It’s not always easy as the demands of life can pull us in many directions, but friendships are worth the effort.

Attending a peace rally together with many friends.

Girl friends.

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