Create The Day – Week 3

Create The Day With Kindness!

Sound strange? Every time you do something kind you are creating goodness and beauty in the world. A kind word can brighten someone’s day, it might even change their outlook on life. Inviting your neighbor over for tea, giving a little gift or a hug, there are so many ways to be kind. Thinking of others and spreading a little cheer. How do you do it?

Share any link you feel expresses kindness. It can be photos, crafts, written posts, poetry or whatever you want to leave a link to that you think is kind. We can all learn from each other how to be a little kinder every day. (Click the frog linkey, it opens in a new window.)

(Linkey does not know how to count, so ignore the 0)

2 thoughts on “Create The Day – Week 3

  1. What a lovely idea my friend. Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Sending Happy Weekend Wishes! .xo P.S. your buttons were put on my side bar the other day, I can’t remember if I sent you a note. I love seeing my ad on your wonderful blogs 🙂


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