Create The Day – With Compassion

Once again it’s time to Create The Day; this week the theme is compassion.

This reminds me of the photo challenge because the first week I jumped into it the word was regret. I wondered, “how can I photograph regret?” This is kind of similar, link up a post about compassion. I don’t even know what post I’m going to link up for this.

It can be something you’ve written, something you’ve made out of compassion for someone, a photograph of what compassion looks like to you, or even music that makes you feel compassion.

How is compassion creative you might ask? Compassion creates relationships. Your feelings of compassion for others might cause you to do something creative to ease someone else’s suffering, pain or loneliness. I would be so grateful if you would share your posts about compassion by adding your link Tuesday through Thursday this week.

(It opens in a new page and Mr. Froggy doesn’t always know how to count, so just click the froggy face & add your link. Thank You!)

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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