Photo Challenge – Indulge

So many ways one can indulge! One of my favorite ways to indulge is by spending the night in a fancy hotel room.

As a matter of fact, I think I could live quite nicely in a room like this. These beds were so soft and comfy. Actually, I have been in nicer suites, but these were the best beds ever.

It is an indulgence though, not something I can afford to do often. Unless of course, someone would like to give me a job where I needed to travel a lot and stay in such nice places. That would be the perfect job for me: travel, stay at the best hotels, have an expense account, and do some kind of valuable or relevant work. Hmmmm…..anyone have any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Indulge

  1. I love fancy Hotel rooms too, especially if they are attached to a resort-like setting. My last fancy place was outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You could not tell for the price. I saw the price and thought that the room was going to be rundown. This room had hardwood floors, with a lounge!!!. my mom and I fought over the lounge. Of course I would love to have a travel and critique job.


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