Create The Day – By Letting Go


How does one create the day by letting go? A strange concept that came to my mind late last night after I realized that I had failed to create this post on Tuesday as scheduled. My thought was not just, “Oh well, I’ll do it tomorrow”, but it was more of a reflection of experiences I had been having all day long, of letting go.

My yoga 3One such experience happened while practicing yoga. I have not practiced yoga for a long time, it’s been years, and I’m out of shape. To my surprise I found Yoga for stress relief and chronic pain on Netflix, so I decided to give it a try again. It was really great, just what I’ve been looking for to begin my healing process. I’ve been dealing with sporadic chronic pain for a long time, but in the past 2 years it has been persistent and continuous.

As I inhaled and exhaled moving through the postures, releasing tension in various parts of my body, I let go of pain that was trapped in certain places. I realized that I have a lot of work to do in the area of “letting go”, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Some of the postures caused me to tremble involuntarily, evoking a feeling of fear or instability, and causing me to realize how weak I have become. I need to work on becoming stronger, so I can let go of the fear and become more balanced and stable.

I’ve always known how intimately and intricately related the mind, body and spirit are, but I had not fully realized what was going on with my own body and why. Medical doctors who  evaluate the physical and prescribe drugs were only making me worse. I’m the type of person that just keeps pushing forward with my tasks and goals and expecting my body to comply with my wishes. I’ve paid close attention to keeping a healthy diet, and being busy with life was my exercise. Two years ago I had to let go of some of that busyness because of pain, and I had to start recreating my life.

I have tried a lot of different types of exercise in the past 2 years but nothing seemed to help me. It was hard to keep a routine that I was not enjoying or felt any benefit from, or find time to create one after repeated failure. These concepts and patterns were creating a rut of excuses in my mind. I had to let go of the concepts and excuses to create a new pattern. Wii Fit has been helping me let go of those concepts and excuses, but I knew that I needed something more specific to my physical situation.

Yesterday I found that I had to let go of some of my busyness, because I had been feeling run down and uptight for months. Letting go of the things I thought I had to do gave me the space to do some yoga. Practicing yoga showed me new ways and reasons to let go. Letting go has given me hope, and helped me see new possibilities for creating the life I want to live.

Letting go is a beautiful thing. Letting go of the old is the only way to make a place for something new, fresh and inspiring. The good news is that we don’t have to let go of everything all at once, that might be too harsh or even destructive, but we can open ourselves to learning how to let go and what to let go of. In doing so we can live more gratefully and creatively every day.

For more ideas on letting go try: Oprah’s Lifeclass

5 thoughts on “Create The Day – By Letting Go

  1. A huge amen to this. The last month or so, I’ve released myself from a bunch of obligations, finding myself so much more full of energy and peace. I’ve still got a lot more peace to find, but wow, am I happier now that I don’t tell myself I have to give 125% all day every day.


    • I can totally relate to that. A friend called to offer me more work this morning and while he was talking I kept chanting in my head “just say no, just say no”. I already have 2 jobs and a family.


    • Yes I have to be more gentle, because I twisted something out of place and have been suffering with back pain since. Must learn to let go a little more slowly I think!


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