Create The Day By Sharing

There are a lot of things that we can share with others as we go through life that might be of value to someone. My philosophy is that it’s good for the soul to share what you care about, what is valuable to you. One way or another I believe we are all here to benefit each other, to value each other, and to experience love.

Sharing is not always easy because sometimes we just want to keep things to ourselves, and sometimes we are afraid of rejection. Sometimes we think that no one cares about “what I think”, or no one wants “what I have”. That’s a case of not valuing ourselves enough, not realizing that we are here for the sake of others. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if every person realized deeply that we are here to care for each other, and share our goodness with each other, because that is the only way we can truly experience love and feel gratitude.

When we share what we value, not only do we meet like minded people who enrich our lives, but we will also meet many people who are different from us but also have valuable things to share. You can share just about everything: food, clothes, money, your home, your work, your thoughts & insights, your experiences. Isn’t that what life is about really; building relationships through sharing with one another?

I like to share, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love it when people share the things they value with me too. My sons like to joke, it’s one of the things they value, and they make me laugh. My daughter and my husband share by telling me all about their activities and friends, it’s interesting and helps me understand people more. My parents shared so much of themselves, their home, their money, their activities and it allowed our lives to be full and rich with flavor.

My home is always open to friends as if they were family, and I’m always open to making new friends. That is the way I was raised. One of the other ways I share is through writing, and photography, thus blogging. Not everyone will find value in what I share, but some will, and that is all that’s important. Give what you value, from the heart, and someone will receive it with their heart.

Today I’m also sharing a guest article at Our Mom Spot. If you have a chance please check it out. Especially if you’re a parent, or a grandparent, you might enjoy this topic – Talking To Grandparents About Parenting Choices.

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