Value Yourself

“There is nobody else like you. The more you can quiet your own thoughts, fears, doubts and suspicions, the more will be revealed to you from the higher realms of imagination, intuition and inspiration.”

Kenneth Wydro, b. 1933
American lecturer

With all the demands on our time & energy as well as the concerns & troubles of this world we live in, it is easy to work ourselves into a mess of fears, doubts & worries. We forget who we are. We get distracted and then detached from the higher self and it’s understanding of truth, beauty, love & goodness.

It’s easy to lose inspiration, doubt ourselves or become immersed in the banter & clatter of life. For me, meditation & prayer have been necessary to keep a clear head and follow my heart. Just a quiet time to reconnect to who I am and let go of who I am not.

Sometimes we don’t even realize what the doubts & fears are doing to us, so we don’t even try to see another viewpoint. It can take a long time to even realize what hinders us from happiness. But every day is a new opportunity to reconnect to our true selves and the love that is the source of all life.

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