Do You Collect Stuff?

I’ve always had some type of collection, (I don’t know why). When I was younger it was bottles of all kinds, shapes, sizes & colors. After I moved away from home it became little treasures from places I had traveled. Sometimes that just meant seashells, post cards, jewelry, or my own photos. shell & duck collection

For as long as I can remember though, I’ve had a fascination with rocks & gemstones. So I’ve often picked up a rock as a souvineir from a foreign travel, or just because it was a really cool rock. These end up all around the house, windowsills, in plants or the fish tank, or as a paperweight. gemstonesEventually I’ve had to get rid of some of them, but I keep the memorable ones. I still don’t know why I do this.

Recently I attended a funeral of one of my husbands former students. Her daughter & granddaughters all talked about the rocks & shells she collected throughout her life. She even smuggled some into the country just like I did. Ahh… someone else like me, I thought.

dresser top collectionBut why do we do this? It’s beautiful, it’s unique, it feels good, it creates a memory? I don’t really know. Some might say it’s unnecessary & useless stuff that junks up the house. I use it to decorate because it evokes a feeling for me.

Do you collect something? What do your collections mean to you?


5 thoughts on “Do You Collect Stuff?

  1. Beautiful. I used to collect beautiful rocks. When I see them today, I just admire them and put them back, because I don’t want them to sit useless around the house. Once I put words on them, like hopeful, love, kindness etc, and gave them away.


  2. I collect My Little Pony dolls and earrings. The latter is easily explained; I love wearing earrings, and how different a pair of earrings can make me both look and feel. The dolls, OTOH? They remind me of younger days, of wonder and joy and the hope of all that was yet to come. Sometimes it takes a physical reminder to jar that feeling back to the surface, I think.


    • Yeah, I guess that’s what pictures are all about. I love earrings too and I have way too many (really you can never have too many earrings), but at least I have a daughter to share them with.


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