Unique and Integrated

What do these words mean to you? As I walk around my world, wherever I might be, I think everything I see in that moment is unique. We love novelty but it needs to be integrated with our expectations to some degree or we wouldn’t feel safe or happy.

Intuitive Collage by CSRoth

A Lifelong Struggle With Decision Making

I am not exactly what you could call a decisive person. I see so many possibilities, both good and bad. I struggle with a lot of insecurity too (not sure why). I prefer to let things play out without taking sides. There are so many points of view and who knows who’s right? Decisive This…

Happy New Year 2021!

Although I am in lockdown because of the pandemic, I am hopeful. I see good things happening everywhere. People are being heroic in their efforts to care for and help others. People are being cooperative in supporting the public interest. People are being courageous in weathering the storm. Maybe I have an idealistic view because…