Brave Healer

We have to be brave to heal. Whether it’s a physical illness, injury or emotional trauma it takes some degree of faith in ourselves and our ability to transform the pain and suffering into something meaningful or valuable. We learn through the process of being sick, injured or emotionally hurt and then healing. But it’s not automatic, we have to invest ourselves in the healing process and believe that healing is possible.

Week 25: Healer


Nature is my healing medicine along with my innitiative to go out and enjoy it. During the past two years my walks on the ocean cliffs have helped me heal from grief, and past emotional traumas. It also helps me manage my autoimmune symptoms and improve my physical health. I feel alive, joyful and full of wonder when I go on these cliff hikes. I feel all the goodness of life and it gives me hope.

My apartment has a nice view of the ocean and I have beautiful plants on my balcony too. These things are comforting during times of rest, but actively engaging in the outdoors is more healing for me. I’m not a very athletic person – far from it – but I love to swim in the ocean, walk the beaches and cliffs, breathe the clean fresh air, and be immersed in flora and fauna.

Week 26: Brave


When I think of bravery what immediately comes to mind is how traumatic life can be, and the need to be strong to live well. For me that means strong in heart, strong in faith, relentlessly believing in love no matter what happens. Being fearless in the face of fear, finding clarity and purpose through the crazyness, and moving forward with the intention of doing something good.

Last year I went to the Van Gogh multimedia exhibit here in Sydney. His journals and letters expressed this kingd of relentless heart and I was deeply moved. He was my husband’s favorite artist and now I see why. All artists and creatives are brave because it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there expressing yourself in an unconventional way. It takes a lot of courage and passion to manifest your vision regardless of the naysayers and opposing forces we face in life. It takes something special to keep on driving your way through the crazyness.

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