Emerging and Magical

I am emerging, slowly and cautiously, from the deep realms of grief. Gradually discovering what I didn’t lose, what’s still there, and that there is so much more. Life is truely magical, it ebbs and flows like the sea. There is always more to discover and feel joyful about in this crazy, mixed up but beautiful world.

The one constant in life is change.

A couple weeks ago Freemix stopped working again. I was a little frustraited as I enjoy the convenience and quick results of creating digital collage. I decided to try a paper collage again, after all I used to really enjoy that too. Every day I did a little bit for about 2 weeks. Constantly changing or adding to it. It reflects my current life and has meaning to me but I’m not really in love with it overall as an image, and that it took so long.

A New Discovery

Before starting another collage I decided to search for an App that I could use instead of Freemix. I’ve been told that Freemix is working again, but I have not been able to get it to work on my laptops (Freemix is Mac based and I’m not). So I found this App called “Collage” for android phones. To my surprize it works pretty much the same way as Freemix, but only on a phone. It’s a little harder to manipulate the images but it has some nice features. I’m not thrilled with the available dinensions, but I really like the images I came up with for the weekly prompts: Emerging and Magical.



We are all emerging from COVID, some more cautiously than others. We hope we’ve learned some lessons this past year and will live with more gratitude and considered intentions. Although the pandemic is far from over, a sense of hope is emerging as cases decrease and vaccines become more widespread in some areas.

I feel it’s time to prepare myself for a post COVID life, and a post grief life. So I’m working in that direction.


When I think about the life I’ve created so far it almost seems magical the way many of my dreams have come true. Magical but far from perfect. I’ve come to the conclusion that life can never be perfect and that’s okay. It’s not just okay, that’s the way it’s meant to be. If everything worked out perfectly all the time life would be boring and there would be no growth. So I’ve decided that I love my magically imperfect life.

Just stay creative and open to possibilities. That’s my new mantra.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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