Dreaming and Making Changes

I got inspired recently to make some changes in my life. Dreaming is good, but action has to be taken if dreams are going to be fulfilled. There also has to be some realistic review of what’s actually possible. Possibilities change with age, health conditions, financial circumstances and even the world’s situation.

Dreaming of Future Travel

While the pandemic is winding down, I’m still very wary of COVID-19. I will eventually get the vaccine but I want to make sure I’m as healthy as possible first because of my autoimmune condition. I have not been very healthy during this past year so I’m trying out some new diet and exercise ideas. I’ve also put myself on a new schedule for doing projects I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. These changes are meant to help me fulfill my dreams by improving my health and clarifying my focus and intention.

Appearances may change but values remain the same

Since my husband passed away I’ve been floating a bit, trying to find direction and clarity that I can move forward with. I’ve also been managing a lot of financial details related to the transition we were making from living in the US to living in AU. Having just moved to his country before he passed away, there were a lot of things that were still unresolved in the US, and a lot of things I had to learn about living in AU and being an expat. It’s very different from the US so the past two years have been really stressful and that has been bad for my mental and physical health.

Dreaming Again

Although my life has changed a lot in the past two years, and so has the world, I still want the same things. Inner peace, world peace, enjoying friends and family, exploring and going on adventures, and helping others in what little ways I can.

Change Takes Time and Patience

But this week I have definately been reminded that change requires patience and persistance. While doing some new exercises I strained my back. While trying some new diet ideas I realized I need to do more research and make some modifications to the diet. I tend to be a bit radical at times and expect change to be easy. Maybe a change in expectations is in order.

But I can never stop dreaming of what I value most. And since I know dreams don’t manifest without clear intentions and actions steps, I just have to keep working at it, even if at a slower pace. I’ve heard that gradual changes are the ones that last. I think what that really means is that you have to give yourself time to figure out what works best and to form new benificial habits.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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