Unique and Integrated

What do these words mean to you? As I walk around my world, wherever I might be, I think everything I see in that moment is unique. It could be a plant in my house that’s sprouting a new leaf or bud, or it could be the clouds passing by in the sky. Walking down the street I see new and unique faces every day, new ways that people interact, unique shapes, colors and forms caused by the changing light and shifting shadows. Every moment is unique, yet each moment flows from present to past so smoothly that we expect it will all be the same in the future.

Perception and Expectations

Time and space and perception has integrated everything in our world to give us certian expectations. What if you woke up one day and the world was all blue or orange? What if the buildings were suddenly upside down? What if your family members looked different and you didn’t recognise the person you were sleeping next to? How upset would you be? We love novelty but it needs to be integrated with our expectations to some degree or we wouldn’t feel safe or happy.


Each one of us is a unique manifestation of love in the time and space we exist in. No matter how similar we may appear to each other, or how many things we share in common – “there will never be another you.” I cannot help but think of how precious we are and how amazing life is. There are so many different kinds of people in the world and such a wide variety of experiences we can have. Our minds are constantly processing all of this so we can integrate with the world we live in. To integrate everything we seek clarity, meaning and purpose.

Integrate means to form or blend into a functioning or unified whole. To incorporate into a larger unit or to unite with something else. Every person and every moment is unique, and every moment we integrate with our world in some way.


Growth, Life and Death

For me, integrate also has to do with growth, expanding the heart, and healing. Merging the child self with the adult self, rectifying experiences with expectations, and managing all changes that life presents us with. Integrate means to find a way to accept life and death along with the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly – whatever that means to you.

Reflecting on these words helps me see my own uniqueness and integrate my life’s experiences with my expectations. It helps me appreciate each person and every moment I have to be here. Life is precious.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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