Magical and Creative

Since the last few months of 2020 I’ve been working with Shelley Klammer‘s weekly intuitive collage prompts and the Freemix app. This has been a magical and creative journey for me, so it seems fitting that the prompts for weeks 15 and 16 were “Magical” and “Creative”.


Intuitive Collage

Intuitive Collage can be done with paper supplies and other tangible objects, or it can be done digitally. For me, the digital format gives me a wider range of images and ideas to work with and it takes less time. For some people those same reasons for choice of format could be applied to using magazines and other stuff you might have in your creative toolkit. I recently participated in a group project where we collaborated on a collage made of leaves, shells, twigs, buds, feathers and other objects found in nature. That was fun, but I feel more intuitively stimulated by digital images and the process of combining them.

But when week 16 rolled around with the prompt “Creative”, the Freemix app also decided to crash. No one could get access to it. I was forced to push myself outside my recently imposed comfort zone. Years ago I used to do collage with paper and scissors, magazines, fabric and found objects, but I guess I’ve grown lazy in my old age. Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to being online all the time.


Creating something is magical, no matter how you do it. It’s a process of manifesting part of yourself in a unique way. Often when I make one of these collages a series of words pop into my head. I don’t know if you could call it a poem, for me they just clarify the meaning of the prompt word and what it means to me. As you can see below, this collage was created on paper, on my floor, with whatever I found laying around my apartment that expresses “Creative” to me (including my toes). I then photographed it, and later dismantled it.

These are the words I attached to this image:

It’s Life
It’s Everything
It’s Me

Life is Magical and Creative

That’s the way I see it. The magic in being creative is what inspires me. The unlimited possabilities of what we can do with our lives gives me hope. The potential for love and joy is endless if we stay open to it. Following these weekly prompts is helping me do that, helping me reconnect to my own creative magic.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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