Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia and tomorrow it will be in the US. We had a nice family facetime this morning from 3 different time zones, my older son on the US east coast and my daughter in the west. I’m very grateful that my youngest son is here in AU with me so there’s one less family member to miss. He is good company too.

But I have been missing my mother and both grandmothers lately, even though they pased away quite a while ago. I’ve been thinking about them a lot these past few days. How much they influenced my life in meaningful ways, both directly and indirectly. As children we don’t see or know everything about our parents and grandparents. They give us far more than we realize, and their love reaches out even from a distance.

Broken Hearted Mother’s

My late husband didn’t get much time with his mother and this created a lifelong pain in his heart. He was taken away from her at 6 years old. But she was still loving him with a broken heart from far away. Many people have tragic stories like this, so I can’t help but be deeply grateful for my mother and grandmothers who I was able to spend a lot of time with.

Love isn’t always perfect and life can be complicated. Sometimes parents have to make difficult decisions and children don’t understand. This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about the women in the generations before me. I know a few stories about their lives and things they suffered through, enough to be grateful that life is better for women now.

A Tribute to All Women

As I was thinking about these things an some words started flowing from my pen. I think all women are capable of having a mother’s heart regardless of whether they have given birth and raised children or not. I’m not a poet, so I don’t consider this to be a poem. It’s just what I was feeling and how it came out.


A word so precious yet undefined

A love so pure even if unrefined

A woman who gives all that she can

A lineage embodied and encouraged to go on.

Mother whose power is a mystery to all

She relentlessly loves without limits

Through trials and darkness she finds the way

Prevailing through heartbreak and conflicts.

She can’t be all her child wants her to be

Yet she’s there nonetheless all along

Her own scars she bares with bravery unknown

To protect and push her offspring beyond.

She gives nourishment, comfort, affection and security

Through conception, birth and lifelong.

And grandmothers relax to enjoy their grandchildren

Because they know a child’s worth is golden.

Mother I miss your precious caring heart

I miss my grandmother’s influences too

I strive to honor the women before me

And continue to thrive on their love.

I call to all women, mothers of the earth

Value your strength, love and senses

You hold the world together and make it move

Wise women, wonderful warriors of heart. 

CSR, Mother’s Day 2021

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