Fun Can Be Dignified

I like to have fun. Who doesn’t? My kind of fun is active, exciting and adventurous. But quiet things like going for walks, photographing nature and making collages can also be fun. I know I need a balance of different types of fun in my life, as I imaging most people do. But what I’m really missing right now is friends to have fun with!

Week 29: Fun

Being in lockdown is not fun, but neither is getting sick with COVID. So my fun at the moment is doing little art projects, reading, and going for walks – alone. I’m really looking forward to the day when I can have some adventurous and exciting fun with friends again. Or just celebrating a holiday with family would be nice. But for now my fun remains mostly imaginative.

Week 30: Dignified

I have to confess that I had to look up the definition for the word “dignified” before I created this collage. We often know what words mean in a general sense, by association or common use, but I wanted to get more specific. I associated the word “dignified” with “stuffed shirts”. Probably the opposite of fun. My ideas about it didn’t inspire my creativity.

However, this definition did inspire me: honorable, worthy, showing great self-respect and respect for others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived in a dignified way, feeling our true human worth and so, respecting ourselves and others. That is not at all exclusive of fun and creativity. I think it’s a worthy goal to be true to yourself, be open to learning and enjoying life, and imagine all the possibilities for good things to happen.

5 thoughts on “Fun Can Be Dignified

  1. Hi, Cheryl! Loved reading your post this morning. I understand the need for that certain kind of fun that can only be had with actual real life and PRESENT people! I can’t blame a COVID lockdown for my feelings of isolation, but I’m definitely feeling the lack of the kind of social exchange you mean. I want/need to create more family and friends time. Hope you find your current creative outlets getting a boost, and that you find yourself with friends around you soon.


    • Well I have not been vaccinated yet so I don’t go out much. You can pretty much call me anytime (except today I have an appointment). Just check the international time zone charts so you don’t call at 3 AM! Would love to chat and catch up.


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