Yoga on Steriods

I’ve missed yoga class for the past couple weeks due to other appointments. The heat and

Yoga class

Yoga class

lack of AC at home has kept me running around town in search of cooler places to exist, changing my schedule completely. Oh yoga, where & when can I put you back in my life?

Finally I determined to make it to class on Wednesday morning and ran out the door even though my husband was still talking to me. I thought it would be hard after this two week lapse. Strangely, I felt quite good as we began our pose sequences.

Half way through the class I usually begin to feel my weaknesses. We began some core and quad work that I normally struggle with, but I found it quite easy. We did some new sequences that I thought would be difficult, but I breezed right through them. After 2 weeks of no yoga how can I be doing this? Should I take a break more often?

Then it dawned on me; could it be the medicine? No, it’s such a low dose that the doctor said I wouldn’t notice any side effects. But what else could explain these strange powers I’ve suddenly been endowed with? Strength and endurance beyond my norm after 2 weeks of slacking off.

Don’t tell anyone I’ve been snorting a low dose steroid for the past week because I’ve got to keep it up for a month or more. Liquid trapped in the Eustachian tubes respond slowly; this is the only treatment the doctor says. I’m not a fan of drugs in general and the last time I needed steroids to heal I was like a raging bull for the first 3 days. That won’t happen this time the doctor said, it’s such a mild dose and it’s not going into your whole blood stream.

Really? Come to think of it, I have been getting headaches and not sleeping well for the past week too. On top of that I amaze my yoga teacher and it’s not the steroids. Who are you kidding? No wonder athletes get hooked on this stuff.

I paid for it the next morning though, wow, sore muscles all over. Work it out, keep stretching, keep moving. Gone by the evening, that’s a record recovery for me. I’m not exactly what you would call “in shape” unless that shape is a pear. It’s got to be the nasal spray.

There’s been no change in my ears and the doctor said it would take at least a month before I would notice any difference. While inflammation behind the eardrums is annoying, it’s not an infection. Would it go away on it’s own? Hard to say, it could also get worse.

I’ll make the steroids work then, do yoga every day. It’s not illegal, it’s prescribed for for a legit reason. I wouldn’t recommend it as a way to get in shape, but I might as well use it to my advantage. I believe in looking for the good in every circumstance and being grateful.

I’m grateful for yoga on a teeny-tiny bit of steroids.

2 thoughts on “Yoga on Steriods

  1. Hope that nasal spray works – that tiny little area in the ears is so annoying and disturbing when upset. My husband has been fighting that for months…..maybe the yoga would help – ME!
    Seriously yoga + the medicine ought to do the trick.


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