It’s All For Love & Learning

Road Rage

This past weekend was tough. We had to get up at 4AM on Saturday to drive 4 hours to our son’s college orientation. No breakfast, in a hurry, it’s a setup for arguments. We managed to hold ourselves together, get some food and get to the orientation on time.

Our son was also heading off to an internship later that day. The problem is we had to leave the orientation midday before it was over and drive 4 more hours to Boston so he could catch a ride with a co-worker (that would save us a third 4 hour drive). 12 hours of riding in a car is like my sons worst nightmare, but at least he got to spend the last 4 hours of it with a friend.

Going into Boston…

at 4PM on a Saturday was a nightmare too. Stand still traffic and my GPS on my phone was going nuts. My sons ride had changed his location so my mapquest directions were useless. At one point we got stuck in a no parking zone while we tried to make a plan and a cop parked right in front of us. Fortunately he had other issues to deal with.

There was lots of figuring out what to do in a 4 way conversation that included 3 cell phones. At one point somebody lost their temper and said some hurtful things. We worked it out in the moment but it takes me a bit longer to deal with the pain sometimes.

And guess what the message was on Sunday morning at church. Forgiveness. I write for our faith community blog so I was taking notes. Was the past weekend a setup for a life lesson I wondered? Of course. Why else? Surely we are not here just to fight, hold onto grudges and be miserable – no that doesn’t fit my belief system.

This morning I found this lovely post (Can Quantum Physics Save Your Marriage?) in my email by Everyday Gurus, another confirmation from the divine forces of the universe that we are here to learn to love. I normally would not write about such incidents in my life, but Kozo inspired me. It all has value in the end if we choose to look at it that way.

Please read Kozo’s post, Can Quantum Physics Save Your Marriage?.

via Everyday Gurus.

4 thoughts on “It’s All For Love & Learning

  1. oy! heading anywhere in boston in the late day (any day of the week) is a prescription for murder…let alone an argument! LOL
    Glad you all escaped reasonably intact!
    ps. great place to go to college! Your son will love it!


  2. I just started reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, Cheryl, so I love that you chose to write about this incident. I also love the serendipity of the forgiveness sermon. Life is so intelligent. Thanks for the shout out. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


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