Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday USA

Our ancestors fought for more than independence, they fought for an ideal. It’s not just about freedom to do your own thing, it’s about the freedom to follow your conscious and build a better future. It’s about “We, the people…” and it’s about “In God We Trust”. DSC0646 - Copy wNo matter what your religious preference is, you have the freedom to follow your own conscious and believe as you will, or not believe, because our ancestors believed that they were fighting for a better future for you. They believed that freedom would allow goodness to prosper and tyranny to be brought to justice.

DSC0659 w

Someone believed in your goodness before you were even born. Let’s not let them down. Let’s continue to build the good future that our forefathers envisioned. DSC0651 - Copy w

So that others will inherit an even better world.

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