No Yoga? – Zumba!

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, push myself to make coffee and eat, all the while asking myself “Why am I so tired?” In my head I thought, “This isn’t right, I’ve got to call the doctor.” Then I remembered that it was Wednesday; 10:15 yoga class. “I need it, I’ve got to go”, I think.

Rumbling around trying to get myself together I still feel tired but a little more motivated. Wondering if I’ll be able to make it through the whole class I tell myself, “Just do what you can, it’s okay.” The phone rings, it’s an appointment confirmation sending me into my calendar to check the date and time.

Today: Pick up car after 1:00. I’m such an airhead in the morning that I forgot that my car is in the garage. Oh, no yoga class for me.

“This just won’t do”, I thought as I finished my coffee. “I’ll just have to do some yoga here”, IZumba decided. I don’t have any yoga videos but I certainly know enough moves. Still, it’s not very appealing to me to just go through some moves in my living room. I enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the instruction at the yoga studio.

I considered using WII fit to practice some yoga postures but the Zumba DVD was right there staring me in the face. Tired; “Can I do it?” “Maybe yes, maybe no, but why not try?”

I got through 2 beginner songs, the first one was a little more challenging than the second. I noticed my weak muscles and tiredness, but who cares, I like dancing. The latin music and tropical graphics lifted my spirits. I had played this game before so it wasn’t new material, I just haven’t done it in 6 months. Why?

Zumba2I ask myself these questions all the time, “Why do I stop exercising when I know the benefits? Why do I have so much trouble sticking to an exercise routine when I’ve found things that I actually like to do like yoga, Zumba, and Wii Fit? Why don’t I do it every day?”

Does anyone else have this problem?

Maybe I need a fitness buddy or some motivational goals. My husband tries to motivate me but it just irritates me. He walks the mall every day but I hate the mall.

Do any of you loyal readers need a fitness buddy? Someone to keep you accountable, or just someone you can share with, to say, “hey I did this today”. I’m glad I did Zumba today and right now I want to do it again tomorrow. I hope I can keep up the motivation.


3 thoughts on “No Yoga? – Zumba!

  1. OH, sometimes I just feel sluggish…like all summer because it’s hot. …if I had a buddy, I’d probably yell at them to stop annoying me ( heat makes me grouchy)
    So now that your post has me feeling guilty ( and rude) I’m going to head towards the treadmill – a little bit a day makes a huge difference – why is it so hard to get up and do it? Oh, it’s summer and I feel sluggy.
    Maybe we should make a chart and give ourselves gold stars? Gotta think of something!


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