Health & Peace

As I am on the downside of the hill now,

I’ve come to realize (the hard way) how vital health is to one’s peace of mind. I happen to be one of those people who believes that each one of us contributes to the peace and well being of the planet through our own thoughts and lifestyle choices. I’ve believed this for most of my life. However, due to my own shortsightedness, my external efforts to foster peace in the world have sometimes taken a toll on my physical health.

I’ve also always been a believer in maintaining a healthy diet and being physically active. It was 1971 (I was 14) when I first became a Vegan and took Yoga classes. That lasted through my teen years. After entering the adult world of responsibilities, work, raising a family and contributing to community, I found myself gradually being worn down by commitments, stress and the values of others. This is no ones fault but my own, a weakness in my personality that facilitated what I thought were good relationships and peace, but in reality I was neglecting my health.

A gradual deterioration in my overall well being created problems in my relationships and lifestyle. I started to notice these problems and look for solutions in 2003, but doctors, diets & exercise were of little help. In 2007 I was told that I had an auto-immune disease and that my thyroid gland was almost dead. Although I take thyroid hormone to stay alive, it does not restore health by itself. By 2009 health issues caused my career to come to a grinding halt. I’ve been fighting what felt like a losing battle ever since.

Fighting and Losing No More!

Earlier this year I met my 100 year old mentor and found inspiration and hope. (I will write more about her in future posts.) I have returned to my vegetarian roots by choice but without being bound to it. I am returning to a yoga practice with compassion and without expectation. Instead of fighting a losing battle, I am learning and developing a greater capacity for peace & love beginning with myself. I’ve decided to share my journey toward better health, and peace, with the hope that it might help someone else on their own path.

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