This always seems to happen to my schedules, plans and attempts to create health, discipline and order in my life. Something comes up, someone needs something or I have to go somewhere. It’s a good thing that I have a flexible mind and attitude toward life.

I started Yoga classes in October, but then I had to go out of town for a couple weeks. Of course that was very important and I have no regrets about giving up yoga class to be with my mom before she passed away. It just follows with the pattern of life adjustments that I find myself always having to make. I just started getting back into my classes last week and last night my employer asked me if I could change my work schedule, which would require me to find different times and days for yoga classes.

I said it would be difficult, but I didn’t say no. It’s hard for me to say no; I tend to be very accommodating. Sometimes that is part of the problem, and sometimes it’s a beneficial attribute. I’m working on becoming more aware of when being accommodating is or is not beneficial.

It may work out to my benefit this time. As I reviewed the schedules and possibilities it looked problematic at first, but I determined that taking yoga classes was one of my top priorities at this time in my life. I can not work or live well if I am not healthy in mind and body. Yoga has been helping me mentally, physically and emotionally deal with this stage of life that I was not prepared for. I decided to accommodate myself this time and make it work.

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Once my priority was set and my mind was determined everything came into focus. The classes at the times that I needed appeared, and a new work schedule became possible. I will lose a few hours of work but I don’t really care. I am choosing to take care of myself, and it’s about time.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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