State of Mind

I wish I could say that my state of mind is peaceful, but at the moment it is not. I can not describe what is going on in my head right now except perhaps with these pictures. A little drizzly, unclear, muddy even. Unfocused? No, I am very focused. I have to be to get through the darkness. Too many problems make it hard to see what’s ahead.


And too much to do, there seems to be never enough time or money to do everything that needs to be done. But I do try to take things in stride and not allow myself to get frazzled. “This too shall pass…” is what my mother would say. I try to remember that daily, but what really bothers me is that I don’t like the direction things are heading.

Movement 4

Disturbed, concerned, and out of resources; I guess these would be the words that describe my current state of mind. But then, this post wasn’t meant to be about words, it’s about pictures.

me blur

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7 thoughts on “State of Mind

  1. I love that last shot. Looks so colourful, and all those coloured beams of light might suggest a direction in which to head. Which coloured beam do you like the best?


  2. to me that significes you want to rise above all the distractions of life, no matter how important they are. do what you have to do and must do in life but find something that is only just for yourself, that brings you peace. maybe you could crop the photo so its only showing that pale blue-green, and look at that photo, meditate upon it, so it brings you some clarity. and remain grateful for the other things in your life, because they are beautiful and colourful, like in the picture… then release them and be in the peaceful pale blue-green …..


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  4. The first one makes me sleepy – I love storms. The wind, the water washing, the blurs that suggest alternatives.
    The last one is so energetic – a carnival of of motion that will whirl you until dizzy.
    Somewhere between there is simple floating. Sometimes all you can do is float and wait and see.


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