Harmony – Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge

When I think of harmony I think about the various elements that come together to make a beautiful dance. Music, movement, creativity, vision, intention, diverse people, costumes, lighting, stage, and audience all merge into a spectacular expression of art, emotion and beauty. In this particular dance there were 4 or 5 countries represented, and 3 or 4 styles of dance. All the dancers participated in the choreography, costuming and staging. The dance was quite long as I told the story of women who are sold into slavery and prostitution, but then eventually are set free. It was a deeply moving performance.

The only way I could show this is through a slide show because I don’t have the video. Of course the music is missing, and the actual movement, but it was an amazing accomplishment of so many elements coming together to create a profoundly moving show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I see harmony in many things, especially nature. But a beautiful dance is the greatest expression of harmony to me. For more on Harmony in photos go to: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

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