A Whirlwind of Love This Weekend

Family is love, and when two families come together it is more love, and when many friends come to support this union it is a community of love. And when the wind comes along threatening to tear up this celebration of love, we just batten down the sails, weather the storm and start dancing; because nothing’s gonna stop this party!

March 11 & 12, 2016

Two days of crazy cold wind in the Arizona desert threatened to ruin my daughters wedding, but thanks to the love and support of family and friends everyone worked together to keep the celebration going. After a chilly dinner we moved the reception into a sheltered patio area and partially inside the building where there was a warm fire. We covered our fancy dresses with coats and sweaters and scarves and danced and sang the night away. It’s love, and even a bitter cold wind can’t stop love.

I just arrived home (NH) from Arizona a few hours ago and was so surprised to find that this week’s photo challenge was love. How fitting is that?

Jasmine Wedding

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