Angelic and Heartful

I think of Angels as being non-judgmental helpers who respond to genuine needs. But there is a catch here, in that we have to ask for help in some way. Or maybe someone else is requesting the help on our behalf. The point is: If you’re not receptive how can anyone help, and if you don’t ask, how will anyone know you need help?

Week 49: Angelic

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I’ve seen terrible and traumatic things happen when people are too proud to ask for help. I’ve done this, and other’s in my family have done it too. For a long time I’ve been dealing with the fallout, the mess that’s created, when those closest to me didn’t ask for help. But I understand and have sympathy because we all want to be responsible and take care of our own problems, so we might feel embarrissed about asking. Sometimes we might have trust issues too.

Asking God for Help

I think God helps us through Angels, both in the form of people and spiritual beings. I’ve never been afraid to ask God or my Angels for help, and I feel like I’ve mostly recieved the help I’ve asked for, one way or another. (Sometimes we should be careful of what we ask for.) And just like when asking for help from people, we have to be open or receptive to the ways that God or Angels give us answers.

Sometimes I’ve waited a very long time for an answer. A lot of times I’ve had to learn the hard way through mistakes. And I’ve been in situations where there was no good solution from my point of view. But I have to have faith that there’s a reason for all that, and that the Universe is on our side. So I created this collage with that in mind, that God or the Universe has a much bigger view of what’s needed than I do.

My Heart is Full of Many Things

Recently I completed a 10 week course called Radical Wholeness. During that time we worked with levels of consciousness and complete acceptance of our emotions. That’s not an easy thing for most of us to do because we tend to judge ourselves and run away from difficult emotions. I was really surprised to realize how much I do this.

Week 50: Heartful

But through this course I realized that it’s normal to have layers and levels of emotions that we’re processing all the time. No emotion is bad, it’s just information. What we were learning was how to accept and process what we go through in life so that we can grow wholeheartedly. It takes practice.

Sadness, loss, increasing responsibilities, financial concerns, future planning, COVID-19, other health issues, missing friends, family changes and many other things have triggered all kinds of emotions in me lately. My heart is dealing with a lot, so I’m grateful to have learned a better way of processing all this through practicing unconditional acceptance.

2 thoughts on “Angelic and Heartful

  1. Lovely post CS. In 2009 I had open heart surgery. A week before I went for a hypnotherapy session. I wanted to know that I was in God’s hands. During the session the therapist had me bring in my angels. When I saw my angel enter my surgeon’s body, I knew I was in God’s hands–whatever the outcome. Happy Holidays.


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