Reflecting on My Healing Journey

The year 2021 is coming to a close so I’m taking this time to reflect. I’ve done a lot of healing work both physically and emotionally throughout the year. I’m not done yet but I have progressed. I feel my heart reaching for a new place, an expanded awareness and a more pure expression of itself.

My creative place

Life is curious, crazy and complex!

I woke up from a dream a couple days ago and thought, “Wow, what was all that about?” And then I realized it was symbolic of my life – complicated. But we all have to find our way in this world no matter what happens. We blunder through trying our best with what we know, or think we know. We make mistakes and other people make mistakes that impact us. From our tiny sphere of close relationships to the whole world we are interacting with many dimentions of thought and emotion that influence our reality.

And what’s it all for? To grow in heart, that’s my answer. Yeah, it can be excruciatingly painful and crazy sometimes, no doubt about that. But sometimes it can be beautiful and amazing too. I’ve recently learned to look at events with curiosity rather than judgment. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?”, I try to remember to ask, “How do I want to grow through this?” or “What is here to learn?”

Calming Fear and Refocusing on Intuition

In a strange way the pandemic has given me a chance to calm my nervous system by stepping back from life as it was. I’m grateful for that. Various health problems also gave me the opportunity to look at what triggers upset physically, mentally and emotionally. I was able to realize how big of a role fear has played in my life, and the even bigger role fear plays in the way the world functions. But the act of finding peace, calm and stability in my life can olny come from within. No person, place, thing, event, or activity can give me peace or calm my fears, but I can tap into the source of peace and calm through unconditional love.

Feel & Express Your Soul Through Your Heart

Last week I was comforted by this quote I recieved in a newsletter:

“Your soul expresses through your heart. And, your personality expresses through your mind. Spiritual ascension begins when you integrate your head with your heart.

Your life purpose, in a general sense, is to integrate your personality with your soul. When your personality takes direction from your heart (through your intuition) your soul can creatively express into your human life.

Intuition is your soul’s native language. Typically, it can take many years to identify the differences between your personality’s language and your soul’s language. Learning your soul’s language requires pausing often, dropping into your heart, and waiting for intuitive guidance.”

Shelley Klammer

So I’m ending this year with a new resolve to go gently forward. To have faith in life and love and all that comes with it, and to explore joyfully whatever new possibilities await. Life may not look the way I thought it would, or it may surprise me in magical ways, I just want to stay open to the goodness that is always there.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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