Healing Before Ascention

Healing requires rest and care, regardless if it is physical, mental, or emotional. But sometimes it’s hard to rest and care for ourselves well as we would rather be distracted with busyness. I think by nature human beings like to be productive and engaged in something interesting.

Today I’m resting after a weekend trip out of town with friends. It was a little confronting for me on many levels. Although we had fun, I have to consider whether I would do that again. Or maybe I would do it differently. I enjoy traveling, and I enjoy my friends, but I am the only one who can be aware of my physical and emotional triggers and take care of myself.

Week #47: Healed

As a child I was often unwell physically. I had to be on a special diet and I couldn’t do all the same things that other kids could do. Although my mother was a nurse and she took good care of me, she also taught me that I had to take care of myself because not everyone whould understand my circumstances.

Healed Through Patience and Love

I think Mom’s advice is especially true when you’re healing from emotional/mental trauma. When I created the collage above I was thinking about the historical trauma of women. We have often been abused, oppressed, made to feel less worthy, patronized, unappreciated and neglected. Even today, some women live out their lives believing that they are inferior and undeserving. It’s only been during the past century that women have started to stand up for themselves and assert their right to be treated as an equal.

We are equal, but definately different from men. And we should be proud of our different way of thinking and being. Who else could endure such a long history of oppression and still not harbor ill will toward men? (generally speaking) I believe it is the compassionate, patient, and envisioning heart, combined with practical common sense and creativity that has allowed women to endure and transcend the limitations of our history.

Ascending Beyond Our Concepts

We are ascending, limited only by the concepts we keep of ourselves and each other. Our world needs liberated people, both men and women, who can transcend the “me” focused messages and work toward the common good of all. How else can we sustain our planet and our lives?

Week #48: Ascending

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to recognize what’s most important to us – each other. Hopefully we can ascend together by helping each other build a more equitable world for all.

“I’ll lift you and you lift me, and we’ll both ascend together.”

John Greenleaf Whittier

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