Unveiled and Transforming

The veil that hides the face is pulled back. One layer exposed but only a slight expression can be seen. What else is hidden deeper?

As the images revealed themselves to me I felt a sense that human history has been shrouded in a veil of deceit. So much abuse and manipulation has happened due to greed and lust, the powerful playing on the weak. But gradually the veil is being pulled back. Truth and compassion will guide us toward a better world.

We also have to pull back the veil of fear, which makes some reluctant to be seen and heard. Let the child speak. Let the people have what is rightfully theirs, and those with power serve the silenced and weak. It’s time to see the truth, we can only rise together or fall together because we are one.

Use the veil for play, not to hide forbidden secrets. Use a veil to enhance beauty and goodness rather than covering our vices.

Transforming Like a Butterfly

Life is a long process of transformation, or maybe many transformations. Sometimes our changes are small and incremental, and sometimes they’re sudden and radical. The magical way that a caterpillar becomes a butterfly is a good symbol for life. Does the caterpillar realize what it will become when it builds it’s cocoon? Do we realize how we are changing and what changes us throughout our lives?

I like to make intentional changes, but it’s not easy. It’s also not easy to accept changes that I have no control over. But change is the nature of life so learning to transform joyfully is my goal.

Learning to accept the mystery and wonder of this process is also a new stage for me. Intuitive collage is teaching me that you can create without a plan or specific skills. You can be stimulated by an idea or intention and allow something to emerge that reflects your heart. And this process can also be part of your transformation.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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