Sensual and Safe

Sensual doesn’t have to be sexual but people often relate the two words. Of course, sex can definately be one of the most sensual experiences, but unfortunately sometimes it’s not. (I wont elaborate.) On the other hand, a beautiful garden can be sensual, as well as a gormet dinner in a 5 star restaurant or a relaxing vacation on a tropical island. Everyone is different in how their senses are stimulated and what they enjoy.

Sensual has to do with the enjoyment of all five senses. I’m attracted to beautiful smells and sights. For others it might be beautiful music, comfy clothes, or a devine dessert that gives them the greatest pleasure. I enjoy the salty smell of the ocean, the feeling of sand giving way under my feet, and hearing the twittering of different types of birds. What a joy it is to live in such a sensual world!

Week 41: Sensual

Currently I’m missing the sights, smells and taste of Autumn in the northeastern part of the US. Although Spring is beautiful where I am, my allergies make it slightly irritating. So, I’m dreaming of a sensual Fall in New Hampshire.

What Makes You Feel Safe?

Locks and alarm systems, or seat belts and bike helmets? We do a lot of things to protect ourselves or create a feeling of safety. What pops in your head when you think of the word “SAFE”?

Strangely, for me it was my imagination and my spirituality. I’ve always been drawn to these inner worlds where power and protection come from the mind and heart. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t have locks on my doors.

Week 42: Safe

I do the same things as everyone else to protect myself. But when I repeated the word safe in my mind as I looked for images these symbolic images resonated with me. Reading is safe enough, while it opens the mind to so much more. And if I were caught in a natural disaster, or a bomb went off near me, it would be my faith that gets me through.

As it is, during this pandemic, I’ve been reading and using my imagination a lot. My spiritual and creative practices have carried me through the lockdowns, the restrictions, the masks and the lonliness. So although the images I chose were surprising to me, the collage made me more self-aware. That’s the point of intuitive collage, it’s a healing process using imagery for self-discovery. It may not work for everyone, but it feels empowering to me.

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