Heightened Disapointment and Triumph

This word is a little weird, heightened. It’s not a word I would use everyday, so it was hard to associate it with images right away. I might use this word in relation to art or design, or I might use it in relation to someone’s temperament. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use it for a collage.

Heightened: (adjective) More intense than normal. What is normal? Your normal may be different from mine. Is the world normal? I’ve never thought it was, but then, what is?

Perhaps these synonyms will be of more help: heavy, intense, deepened, intensified, increased, advanced, expanded, emphasized, strengthened and fierce. Maybe I can work with these ideas, although it’s hard to relate “heavy” with “heightened”. Words are often inadaquate.

Higher and Elevated Came to Mind

I think the world currently has a heightened awareness of things that we can’t control. COVID-19 has awakened us to this. Not only can we not control whether a new virus appears in the world, but we also can’t control the way others react or relate to it. We may have heightened fear and anxiety because of this.

But I think the opposite can also be true. We can rise above the situation by focusing on “what I can do”. I can learn new things, create something, exercise, stay in touch, meditate, have compassion and empathy, smell the roses, appreciate the small stuff. I can slow down and contemplate what’s most important in my life and find joy in that.

Heightened Disapointment

The pandemic has been a trigger for much disapointment, frustraition, anger and sadness. We all feel it no matter how positive or optimistic we try to be. But we all still have a choice of how to react. Personally I decided to enjoy the solitude, the quiet, the reduced activity and the comfort of my home, even though I’m not a homebody. I decided to focus on the beauty, goodness and love I see all around me.

I’ve started sketching because of the extra time I have. And after a little while I realized that I’m happier in this relaxed mode of abnormal life. Perhaps we are meant to see things with new eyes when faced with adversity.

I was disapointed though, when once again Freemix crashed while I was creating a collage. So I used Collage App for the one’s above.

Be Triumphant Over Adversity

Doing quick sketches every day has increased my confidence and it’s been a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I’ve always thought of drawing and sketching as hard work, but I think that was because I was doing it under pressure in the past. This time it’s just for fun and self improvement. I’m following #sketchtember prompts and posting in a Facebook group and on Instegram. It’s very entertaining to see everyone’s sketches based on the same prompts.

Fortunately Freemix started working again (sort of) for the Week 38 digital collage prompt, Triumphant. I feel like a triumphant woman because I’ve overcome a lot in my life. The past few years have been especially difficult. I’m still moving forward though and excited about the next horizon. But now I’m also excited about what’s happening right now.

Week 38: Triumphant

My appreciation of life has deepened, intensified, increased, advanced, expanded, and strengthened. I am a fierce persuer of all that is good and beautiful in life, while I accept that the opposite (bad, ugly) heightenes our ability to appreciate what we love.

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