Liberated By Intuition

Everyone yearns for freedom; but that begs the question, Freedom from what? Some of us already have a great deal of freedom in comparison to others. Have you ever wondered why you are free to live, think and do as you please while others suffer opression, poverty, starvation, or are forced into slavery just to survive? I’ve always thought about such things and I often wonder what it would take to liberate the world from tyranny.

Aside from global things that are out of my personal sphere of influence, I seek the liberation of my authentic self. For sure this is a first world problem. We who live in relative freedom may still have many concepts that trap us. Our expectations, our fears, lack of confidence and past experiences, even generational experiences, all work together to form a mental and emotional framework. This framework can offer security, but it can also be limiting.

Week 35: Liberated

There is no end to the ways that we can expand our consciousness if we seek the liberation of the true self. But that’s a big jump and a little too esoteric for this blog. Personally I’m exploring what prevents me from doing things I want to do, or have the ability to do, but don’t. I’m deconstructing the limitations in my mind so I can move forward from the heart. It’s a process that requires a little daring and sensing into my intuition for guidance.

Strengthening the Intuitive Mind

I’ve always had strong intuition, but I haven’t always followed my intuition. I think most people are like that. It’s easy to dismiss those often irrational or unexplainable feelings that poke, prod or nudge from somewhere within. Especially when there’s a long list of practical things that need to get done in a timely manner. However, following the occasional intuitive prompt can sometimes help us accomplish things more efficiently.

I’ve had plenty of experiences where I later said, “I should have followed my intuition.” But I’ve also had a lot of experiences where my intuition served me well. Usually we pay attention when life or safety are threatened, but can we pay attention moment by moment? I think it takes practice.

Week 36: Intuition

Many years back I decided to test my intuition by allowing myself to follow or act on every intuitive impulse I felt for a week or two. Every time this led to a good outcome, and I felt my intuition getting stronger. Practice definately helps. But life will always throw surprises or obsticles in our path too. I think the ideal is when the rational, practicle, intuitive and creative parts of the mind all work together in harmony.

Finding Freedom

Intuition has been essential throughout my life. Even though I felt like life had stopped when my husband died, I realize now that my intuition wrapped me in a safe cocoon for awhile. The cocoon has also been protecting me through the pandemic. But wings have grown during this solitary hibernation and they are seeking a new freedom. I trust my intuition will lead me out of the cocoon and into the world again in a new way.

These intuitive collages are good practice for both using my intuition and finding freedom. Each one is revealing a part of my heart and soul.


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