Renovating the Empty Nest

After fixing up my oldest son’s bedroom and renting it out, I decided to go one step further. There was such a demand, I kept getting email and texts, “Is the room still available?” So I asked my youngest son, who didn’t move home after graduating from college in May, “Do you mind if I rent out your room too?” To my surprise he told me to go ahead.

I Love My Children More Than Their Stuff

If you thought cleaning up after your kids was hard when they were little, you’ve got a big surprise coming if you haven’t reached this stage yet. Collections of stuff from elementary school through high school went into big boxes that got carried up to the attic. Two full trash bags were contributed to the weekly curbside pick-up. This was from the son’s room who likes simplicity.

I can’t complain, because I did the same thing to my own parents. We build museums to ourselves. At this stage of life it seems silly and counterproductive to be weighed down by a lifetime of things we no longer have use for. And I felt so light and happy to see the empty closet and shelves. I dearly love my children, but I’m not one for holding onto unnecessary stuff.

Decluttering = Creativity and Happiness

As I washed the floors, put up curtains and bought new sheets and pillows, I felt renewed. It brought out my interior design creativity and I started rearranging everything else in the house. Bought a tall vase and made a wild grass arrangement for the entry. Next will be my own room and office, then hopefully the kitchen, and finally the attic. I’m so happy, and I hope my new renters will be happy too.

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