Home for the Summer

Lake W2As a child, New Hampshire was my summer home with my grandparents. As an adult, I raised my children here. My ancestors go back a long way in this beautiful “Live Free or Die” state. I’ve come home for the summer again.

I had partially moved to Connecticut for a job that seemed promising, but the location and work did not agree with my health condition. I’ve struggled through a painful winter and spring to approach summer in a weak and worn out condition. It appears that the time has come to heed my doctors advise to leave New England.

This difficult decision has been a long time coming, and I’ve finally put it into motion. I will move by or before the New Year. I will start letting go of things this summer, and make a financial plan for relocating. I will deeply miss New Hampshire, so I’ll also make a plan for return visits.

Oh, this is scary and overwhelming. When I was young I could move anywhere at the drop of a hat. But I’ve been in NH for 22 years now, and raised my family here. The empty nest is full of memories, and stuff kids grow out of but want to hold onto.

Circles of friends and business associates will be missed. Familiar places will be longed for. Being far from my sons will be the worst part of all. I would not move if it were not a health priority.

So here we go, another adventure into the unknown….

To be continued

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