Wanderlust Revived

High Noon Summit Report 2I recently returned to the East coast after a work trip out West; another conference in Las Vegas. Although my lips were chapped all week, and I barely got outside the conference center, I felt revived! Travel is just in my blood.

After landing back in CT (where I work now), the doldrums returned. The East coast can be a bit dreary before Spring kicks in. I’m daydreaming about the Southwest, and that road trip my daughter and I took in 2015 – From Canada to Mexico in 10 days.

Desperate Times Call for Travel2015 phone photos 088 

I just created a new Pinterest Board – Camping/Endless Road Trip. That proves I’m getting desperate. I’m thinking about selling my house and going off grid for awhile. I have to convince my cat it’s a good idea.

My youngest is graduating from college next week but not moving home. My husband goes back to AU in about 3 weeks (I’m still working). That makes for a very empty nest and itchy feet. My work is mobile, so who knows where I might end up.


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