Las Vegas

Hotel / Casino New York-New York in Las Vegas.

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It was a last minute, spur of the moment trip. I was invited to go (paid for) to a church event in Las Vegas and I was so happy to be able to go. Although I probably spent more time on airplanes and in airports than in Las Vegas, that in itself is a grand adventure. (I’ve always loved flying and airports.)

I had never been there before and was first struck by the mountainous landscape surrounding the city. So different from NH mountains that are covered with trees. If only I had time to get a closer look, but they were quite dramatic even from a distance.

Then there was the strip, which we only passed by, and all the huge resorts that are each like a city unto themselves. We were staying at the Rio, not close enough to walk to the strip. Anyway, just driving around the city I felt like this place could almost be as good as Disney World if it were morally cleaned up a bit. Or a bit more, okay a lot. But it has the potential to be a nice family friendly place if more people wanted it to be that way.

I’m not really into gambling mostly because I can’t afford to take a chance on losing money. I’m happier playing games where winning or losing only involves play money or ego’s. I didn’t have a lot of time anyway; watching people and investigating the resort complex was interesting enough.


The flashing lights and bells are attractive at first, but they get boring pretty quickly. There’s only so many neon signs you can look at before you want to get some fresh air and see some trees. Maybe that’s just because I’m from NH (or FL really).


Unfortunately the pool was closed, due to the fact that it was one of the very few rainy days they’ve ever had. That is, it had rained a little in the morning and it was overcast. It was a little chilly for the natives, about 70 degrees. (Ha ha)


I met with old friends, attended a really inspiring event, and slept in the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. The bed was like heaven, even if it was in sin city. The room was enormous and beautiful (and cheap, great discounts on weekdays). The food was – expensive. So that was my Las Vegas adventure! How many people do you know who go to Las Vegas for a religious event?

5 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. I think you’re the first person I know who’s gone to Vegas for a religious event! I’ve only been for one night, to celebrate a friend’s birthday; I wondered what the heck all the hubbub was about. I would like to go back someday and spend more time visiting the landscape, but gambling and all-night parties are not my thing. 🙂


  2. I live in Nevada and have been to Vegas several times. After about 2 trips, I can honestly say the “bright,shiny look ” of Vegas wore off quickly. Nevada has some spectacular landscapes. Some so desolate you wonder if anything can exist, yet life does exist.
    But, Nevada also offers some beautiful mountain views. In Northern Nevada there is the Ruby Mountains that are sometimes called the “Alps of Nevada”.
    There is just so much underlying beauty to Nevada. I’ve lived here since 1984, and sometimes I still get surprised.


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