Wisdom from the Tao

Research Association of Laozi Taoist Culture

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“The heavens endure; the earth is very old. Why? Because they do not exist for themselves, they therefor have long life. The truly wise are content to be last; they are therefor first. They are indifferent to themselves; they are therefore self-confident. Perhaps it is because they do not exist for themselves that they find complete fulfillment.”

Tao Te Ching

3 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Tao

    • I never thought of that but perhaps you’re right. Maybe if everyone in the world decided to help another person, instead of rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off looking for the next great money making deal, the whole world would slow down and we’d all feel less stressed.


      • It seems simple when you write it out like that; it is getting out of our own heads and lives to put that into practice that becomes difficult!


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