In Support of Mom Bloggers

“I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life!” – Mom Blog Society

Now that is a very nice way to introduce my blog. I really appreciate that MBS totally picked up on what I’m expressing here. Mom Blog Society has been really supportive, and I’ve learned a lot from participating there. It’s really comforting to know that there is a group I can go to for support that isn’t trying to make money from me. I’ve met some wonderful other mom bloggers and I wish everyone the best with their blogging.

Aside from that my life has been a bit crazy lately. I took a one day trip to Las Vegas (did not even have time to gamble), and will be off to New Jersey next week. I’ve taken on way too many projects lately (typical me) hoping for some magic, but fortunately nothing awful or tragic has happened (except for the poor birds my cat keeps dragging home. Why don’t they fly south?) Haven’t even looked at the (very few) photos I managed to snap in LV. Maybe I’ll post some later.

Mommy taxi time, bye for now.

2 thoughts on “In Support of Mom Bloggers

  1. As always, I look forward to reading more when you have time. I also love the supportive communities I’m now part of via blogging. Excellent result for something that was supposed to be a drive-by effort! 🙂


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