Re-Fresh-ing my Wall

I’ve been a bit behind in terms of posting here lately, so today is catch up day. Sharing photos for last weeks WordPress Photo Challenge – Wall, and this weeks challenge – Fresh. Yes, two posts with one click. Somehow they fit well together, because I have to keep my Wall Fresh.

I use the wall of my office like a bulletin board and a vision board. Important reminders like Jury Duty, car registrations, events I don’t want to miss, as well as little bits of information I don’t want to misplace get taped to the wall. Then there are also future plans and a ‘working on’ list, as well as maps of my bucket list travel plans. It’s inspiring to have the short term and long term up there on the wall; as I take down and replace short term items I feel like I’m making progress toward my long term goals.

Today is my birthday and the first day of spring and I feel great even though I’m a year older and it’s snowing outside! Fresh snow to cover the dirty, mushy melt off. But it too will eventually melt and the fresh new buds of spring will soon arrive. Today I feel more fresh and alive than I did last year or the year before that.

wSpring bud


Two years ago I decided to re-create my life by envisioning what I wanted my later years to be like. I focused on health and well being and giving back to my community. I’m moving forward with gratitude and seeing good results. Keeping my wall fresh helps me stay on target with my goals.

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