Support Film to Stop Domestic Sex Trafficing

It’s in your community; maybe down the street or a block away someone’s child goes missing. A young teen runs away and soon discovers that it’s not so easy to survive. Children lured by the glamor of money and the illusion that anything is okay are tricked into a demoralizing, painful and hopeless lifestyle.

IF you’ve ever wanted to do something to make a difference, here’s your chance. Lot’s of people giving a little can make this happen. Make a contribution and share this on your social networks, donate to the Kickstarter. Many people giving a little helps a lot.

4 thoughts on “Support Film to Stop Domestic Sex Trafficing

  1. Earlier this week, Li’l D and I talked about slavery, which had shown up in a pop song (…).

    I said, “You don’t have to worry about it, it’s a thing of the past,” and realized the wrongness of that the moment it passed my lips. I ached to think of kids lost this way, and wished there were something I could do.

    I reminded Li’l D how to respond to strangers–especially those trying to get you into a car–but withheld discussion of modern-day slavery from him. He is wise beyond his years, but this … this is a conversation whose nuances can wait, here.

    Doesn’t mean I must wait to make a change, though.


    • It’s hard at that age, we want them to be safe but we don’t want to make them paranoid as well. My own kids found plenty of social causes to be concerned about once they were in high school. My daughter did her senior thesis in college on sexual exploitation by writing a play and then directing and acting in it. It was very moving and I saw the power of bringing this message to people in a theatrical format. Thanks for commenting.

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  2. This is a serious problem hiding in plain sight. This area is a hub where victims are smuggled/lured in off the streets or through social media, then broken and shipped off. Many shop windows have a printed sign in multiple languages saying “if you are being exploited or held against your will there is help inside or call/text this number…”
    Shaking people awake about this dangerous shadow world is critical
    Slavery exists


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